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Bell Curve Babylon: a safe space to everyone in a Babylonian echo chamber

  • Fri @IDEATE // 5:45 & J (map)

Imagine being part of a community called "Bell Curve Babylon"(*) Bell Curve Babylon’s mission is to give a safe space to everyone -outside of the Bell Curve- who feels unheard or limited in a Babylonian echo chamber. In an increasingly post-truth world, how do we create safe spaces and shared experiences that bring us back to roots of prosperous and inclusive communities? is proximity the ultimate antidote to fragmentation and catalyst to shift social consciousness?

This is a story about Human Nature, its Subcultures and how Proximity helps to make the Invisible Visible through shared truths - by Anna Sellem & Raad Seraj

(*) A Bell Curve is a graphical representation of what an average person thinks, feels or does and how deviant this person is, given a certain population. Babylon, by extension, embraces the entire spectrum of human nature and has acquired a generic meaning of a large, rich, diverse, yet oppressing community. 

Earlier Event: August 30
DJ Set – Tōsh