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Basic Income Game: a game exploring Universal Basic Income

  • Wed @IDEATE // 5:45 & J (map)

with: Jessica Sharp & Anna Sellem

The UBI Game is part of the BIG Experience, a 90-min embodied learning journey exploring Basic Income. This conversation invites you to imagine new ways of updating our economy for the 21st century through the lens of receiving a "basic income" regarding 4 main topics: 

  • Financial Security: Systemic economic inequality & Future-self
  • Redistribution of Technological Advancement: Automation, AI, blockchain...
  • Rethinking the workforce: impacts on mobility (jobs, skills, wages and lifestyles) & aligning passion with work
  • Building Community Power & Reward of unpaid Contributions

Jessica is a warrior for growth, change, and inclusivity. She recently launched NEWERA to provide peak experiences for groups using cannabis as a catalyst. 

Anna launched A Contrarian World to create human-centered transformations through Game-based experiences. She supports politically-agnostic UBI pilot programs and is obsessed with the "Future of Work" and its multidisciplinary impacts (sustainability, mobility and lifestyle, entrepreneurship and technology advancement).