IDEATE is a complex operation. It takes a village to get this thing going every year, and we need everyone’s participation to get everything off the ground and keep things running smoothly. Working together is an awesome way to get to know one another. We have tons of projects, from buildout, to kitchen, MOOP, and much more. They all need your help to get done, and it’s far less scary than it seems. So jump in, get your hands dirty, and ask people how you can help!

Dues Structure
Building and running camp is expensive. There is a power grid, water system, domes, shipping containers, kitchen, waste management, storage costs, and more. Your dues help support all this awesome infrastructure. Even though a small group of people spend many hours throughout the year working on IDEATE, no one gets paid. 

One of the ways everyone contributes is through paying dues.  Paying dues are not an entitlement, or an excuse not to participate at Camp.  We want to make sure you understand that we are not a turnkey camp where your dues purchase amenities and services and everything is already taken care of for you. We value radical self reliance and radical contribution. This is not a "plug and play" camp. This is a 'joyful participation party' camp.

As we state many times, we are not a plug and play camp. Dues are not a fee for service. They are a contribution that, in addition to everyone's love and effort, enables camp to happen and be amazing.   

Dues for this year are $550, broken down as:
Dues: $350
Food: $200
Strike Deposit: $250

Strike Deposit: 
If you stay through late Monday afternoon, helping significantly with strike on Sunday and Monday, we can refund your strike deposit. Strike will likely go through Tuesday or Wednesday. The folks that stay through the end receive an additional reimbursement.

Food Plan
Dues do include the meal plan. More info on meal plan further on in the application. 

RV Fees
IDEATE does permit a certain number of RV's, although we do not encourage them as they have a higher environmental footprint, take up a lot of space, and can detract from camp culture.

RV fees are $1000 per RV. This includes power. It does not include disposal of waste, this is not something we are able to manage. You can flag disposal trucks down if/when your RV needs to get pumped.


Camp ue & Strike Deposi

Camp dues are $550. This covers the delicious meal plan, our main stage area, power, water, the showers, chill dome, piano bar, decor, and many more things. It costs us more than $550 per person to provide all thi, which is why we fundraise as wel. This year we instituted a $250 strike deposit. Strike has often been a challenge, as folks tend to leave before camp has been taken down. This leaves a big load on a small group of people. We understand some folks can't stay until the bitter end, as we all have busy lives. The strike deposit tries to balance this out. You receive your deposit back if you stay and help strike through Monday afternoon.

Please send your payments of $800 through Venmo or PayPal to

We are going to be circulating a crowdfunding campaign very soon for the Bucky Ball Pit. One of the best ways you can contribute to camp is by making a donation and help spreading the word about the crowdfunding campaign. More on this soon!

Joining Camp
Folks are not registered in camp until they have paid their dues, signed up for two kitchen shifts and one MOOP shift, and have begun working with their team. If you have not done all this, you are not yet a part of camp. 

I know some folks are wondering about the best place to sleep at Burning Man. Here are a few of the options for how people camp:

  • Tents – We recommend tents as they are low impact, light, and relatively cheap. IDEATE has lots of shade cover for tents.
  • Yurts and pods – We have a limited number of spaces in Hexayurts and Pods. Each spot costs $350. If you are staying in a yurt, you are responsible for setting it up and taking it down. Yurts and pods do not come with shade structure, swamp cooler, or A/C. If you are interested in a space in a pod or yurt, contact Jake at Once again, we have a limited supply of these spaces.
  • RVs – RVs have the largest impact and worst environmental footprint. The cost is $1,000 per RV spot, which includes access to power.  

This year we are working to provide drinking and shower water as part of camp membership. Please keep in mind that water is a precious resource in the desert and very expensive for us to provide. We recommend bringing some personal water as wel in case there are periods where drinking water is out at cam.

Meal Plan
IDEATE cooks our own meals, providing 2 delicious, nutritious meals (brunch and dinner) every day. Our tasty nourishment program is a cornerstone of the IDEATE community. What makes it so special is that everyone participates! Whether it’s pre-playa cooking and packaging, setting up the kitchen, cooking and serving meals on playa, or making surprise snacks, there is a little something for everyone to do -- and to eat!

The meal plan is not optional and is a part of paying dues. The exception is food allergies and/or if you are TOTALLY COVERED for the week and can be self-reliant to feed yourself.

Everyone signs up and takes part in two meal shifts on playa.


Taking Initiative
IDEATE is not a plug-and-play camp. We do provide a high degree of services to camp members (food, showers, power, etc.), but it is still designed to be a collaborative process. The way that each person shows up and participates is what makes camp magical.


One of the incredible things we do as a camp is bring a lot of people that have never been to Burning Man out to the playa for the first time. It can be challenging to get everyone plugged into the flow and operations of camp, especially those that are first-time burners. It is incredibly helpful and appreciated when we see people take initiative, both in big and small ways.

Thank you so much for stepping up, diving in, and having fun!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email