IDEATE Composting Program


Supporting Sustainability and Rehabilitation

IDEATE's composting program began in 2015 as a camp commitment to support our longstanding dedication to sustainability and carbon reduction.

The program collects compostable waste from participating Burning Man camps and delivers it to the Full Circle Compost processing facility in nearby Carson City, NV.

Full Circle Compost resides on nearly 30 acres of land leased from the Northern Nevada Correctional Center. There, the compostable waste is converted into valuable nutrient-rich soil. The partnership between Full Circle Compost and the Northern Nevada Correctional Facility (NNCF) helps to support the NNCF’s self-funded ranch which sits on 1,200 acres of farmland.

The inmates care for 1,500 mustangs here which belong to the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s Saddle Horse and Burro Training Programs. The multi-level partnership supports programs that provide valuable education and work experience for NNCF inmates interested in agriculture, animal health and training, and farming. The compostable waste contributions from IDEATE and other contributors support these educational initiatives.


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