IDEATE Composting Program FAQ

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When can we bring you our compost?

Since this changes yearly, please join our Facebook Group and stay informed.


Where is your camp?

Since this changes yearly, please join our Facebook Group and stay informed.


What is the cost?

Each year we raise funds for the Compost Project because there are costs associated with running this radical contribution. Wish it were totally free, and hopefully one day it will be!

This compost program runs on a donations system. Participants of the Compost Project are not required to donate. We will still accept your compost because that is the biggest WIN/WIN.

With that said, only if you are willing, able and happy to support this project financially, please do so. We typically ask for $4 per person. So if you’re a 100 person camp, that’s $400.

Thanks in advance for your contributions of compost and/or $.

To donate, please visit this year’s GoFundMe campaign. Any money we make over the $4500 will go towards the second and third compost containers. sustainable-burn

Tea Bags. Coffee Grinds. And Avocados. Are those things ok?

Sure! It helps to remove staples from tea bags. And stickers from avocados. Anything that’s not organic should not be composted.


What about ashes and wood chips?

Wood chips are great, but no ashes. This is because ash has a pH of 15. Our facility’s compost is 6.5-7.5 pH. We do not want ash of any type because it will throw off the compost and increase pH.


We use plastic plates, utensils, and bags labeled “compostable”. Can we compost those?

No. Full Circle Compost does not compost those. We will get fined if these items show up in the compost. Paper plates without any plastic lining and wooden spoons are acceptable.


How about Paper Plates?

Yep! As long as there is no plastic film or lining on them.


Are tampons compostable?

No human waste or sanitary products are accepted.


What about biodegradable wipes?



We make around 300 banana splits in 1 day. Can we give you the peels?

Sure! Anything that comes from food is compostable. Just make sure to remove those stickers before composting them and bring them over!


Does our compost need to come to you in any particular bin or bag?

We have finally found a way to be a NO-plastic, NO-leakage compost program! Woohoo!

We recommend drying out your compost in burlap bags and bringing it to us that way. You can also bring us your compost in 5 gallon buckets. Please dispose of excess liquid before you bring it to our compost container.


What should we do to prepare our compost before we bring it over?

Take anything that is non-compostable out of the compost pile and dry it out. Tell your campmates what you are doing. Educate them. Post signs. Make announcements. We like to think that we are a conscious group of people. But Burners get easily distracted. Things happen. Be kind. Remind. Don’t bring any trash over. Together we will sift through all the compost that comes into our system to check for contaminants.


When we bring things over, can everything on the approved list be brought to you all mixed in one container / bag ?



Why are you doing this?

Because we love playing with your food.


How can we help?

If you are reading this part, thanks! That tells us your intentions for supporting us are there. Please act on them because we need all the support we can get. Your volunteer time is one of the biggest ways to support this project. Another way is to make a donation and help spread the words to other camps that this is happening!

Email us at and let us know if

  1. You want to volunteer for a compost shift at one of the compost containers.

  2. You want to contribute in some other way that we have not thought of yet