Join IDEATE in an experimental and exponential series focused on a new paradigm in abundant living. Featuring leaders across industries and sectors, there will be workshops, talks, and surprises exploring how we shape a sustainable future. Themes include art, technology, science, sustainable and impact investing, entrepreneurship, philosophy, creativity, and consciousness.

Speaker Series


"Oceans; The Last Frontier"
Speakers: Nicky Davies and Greg Delaune
Date & Time: Tuesday 1-4pm

Despite global awareness efforts like the Year of Oceans (1998) and World Oceans Day (June 8th, 2017), humanity has done little to curb our accelerating destruction of the fragile aquatic ecosystems that are critical to the survival of practically every species on earth (including our own). IDEATE will host an interactive panel of experts and thought leaders focused on ocean preservation, conservation, and sustainable development initiatives that offer solutions for how to mitigate the damage being caused by climate change, runaway pollution, and unsustainable resource extraction.



"Creative Leadership for Global Challenges"
Speakers: James Hanusa
Date & Time: Wednesday 1-4pm

We live in a rapidly changing and highly complex world. Come discover, ideate, and celebrate your creativity and how your leadership can address global challenges in meaningful ways for a better future.



"VR/AR or Good"
Speakers: Brian Collins and Rachel Sibley
Date & Time: Thursday 1-4pm

The VR for good movement began with a few innovators who pioneered the possibilities for issue awareness and empathy through this new medium. There is now a rising impact movement that is coming from both the tech side and the cause community with a desire to catalyze action. Join us as we discuss the evolving social and technological impact of Virtual and Augmented Reality technology.

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Date & Time: Friday 1-6pm

A beautiful blend of emergent topics like consciousness hacking through VR, learning to be a future-ready leader and more, including you?
Featured guest Christen Lien will officially launch her Dark Side of Hope tour with a not to be missed musical and storytelling performance from 5-6pm!

Recurring Events

Bucky Ball Pit
Tuesday & Thursday

VR/AR Dome
(Time TBA) 



Day: Wednesday
Time: 4-6pm
Location: IDEATE camp
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Piano Bar Jam Session
Day and Time: TBA

Day: Sunday
Time: TBA
Location Trash Fence

Playa Pad Thai
Day: Wednesday & Sunday
Time: Sunrise
Location: Temple