Our events act as experiences that manifest the possibilities for positive change in the world. The Interactive Workshops are magnet for the larger community to engage in intellectual discussion, communal processing, and novel discourse.




The critical purpose of IDEATE is creating uniquely vibrant experiences that will resonate throughout Burning Man 2019.
Talk by Grover Norquist


a dynamic speaker who lays out a provocative perspective and then engages in dialog; TED-like.


Interactive Experiences

these are typically exercises that involve certain artifacts, e.g. roles, templates, toy, tools, VR equipment, etc. Here the goal is to let participants experiment with tools, learn, and possibly take away for use “beyond the Playa."


Concerts / Art Installations

e.g. the amazing Christen Lien, and also at another event the remarkable Marco Cochran (describing his Bliss Project)


Lightning Talk s/ Open Space Events

these are themed experiences facilitated by a talented guide around particular topics that invite participants to present a perspective and then engage in small group discussions, which are later described in a plenary discussion.

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Panel Discussion

a group of people who offer a five minute perspective each on a particular topic, then - guided by a moderator - discuss their various views, of course always open to engagement with the “audience."


A Story: Impact Beyond The Playa

sculpture: "Truth is Beauty" by Marco Cochrane

photo: Trey Ratcliff

placement of the iconic “Truth is Beauty” SCULPTURE at a corporate campus in San Leandro

A particularly wonderful example of the successful transfer of a Burning Man experience through efforts of members of IDEATE is the placement of the iconic “Truth is Beauty” sculpture near the San Leandro BART Station, where it is making an impact every day.

This was done through the efforts of IDEATERS Greg Delaune, Gaye Quinn, and Debbie Acosta - and many others as well. The tagline to this extraordinary sculpture is “What would the world be like if women were safe?” As you can imagine, the sculpture and its theme stirs deeply meaningful dialog in the community where it is placed.