The New Renaissance: Join IDEATE in an experimental and exponential series focused on a new paradigm in abundant living. Featuring leaders across industries and sectors, there will be workshops, talks, and surprises exploring how we shape a sustainable future. Themes include art, technology, science, sustainable and impact investing, entrepreneurship, philosophy, creativity, and consciousness.

Recurring Events

Bucky Ball Pit: Fuller's Workbench (Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm)

Explore nature's coordinate system and the work of Bucky Fuller, a DaVinci of the 20th century, in a ball pit and virtual reality experience


Geometry of Thinking Workshop (Tues-Thurs 5pm-7pm)

Learn about Synergetics, a comprehensive energetic geometry system developed by Bucky Fuller, through hands-on model building in a ball pit.


The New Renaissance Series (Tues-Friday 1pm-5pm)

An experiential series featuring omni-sector leaders offering workshops, talks, and surprises exploring how we shape a regenerative future.


Regenerative Design (Tuesday 1pm-5pm)

Our world is getting warmer, our population is expanding and we are all consuming more each day. If we don't change the way we live, we may not have a home to live on for long. Come learn and explore how the principles of regenerative design can help us reverse these patterns and lead us to a better future. 


New Economy Workshops (Wednesday 1pm-5pm; Wednesday & Friday 5pm-7pm)

In the New Economy, people are rewarded for creating value for their communities, those who extract resources are penalized. Artists, scientists and educators always have as much as they need. Does this sound too good to be true? Come join us we discover and explore new paradigm for organizing our assets and talents. 


Burning Man: a Lever of Sustainability (Thursday 1pm-5pm)

Come discover how BM is impacting global projects that are bringing more justice, grace and beauty to the world. We will share and explore what's possible when break down borders, create connectivity and make best practices a priority. 


Ideate New Renassiance Unconference (Friday 1pm-5pm)

A beautiful blend of emergent topics including consciousness hacking through VR, learning to be a future ready leader and how our bodies of water can used for so much more than just drinking and storing trash. We may also explore the ethos behind festival culture and the overlap in social virtual worlds, or we may just be dispersed across the playa in drug-induced, sun-drenched alternate state of reality. It's hard to say...