IDEATE is working with other camp leaders to promote sustainability practices on playa that can further sustainable practices off playa. 


Thrival Guide

Sustainability on the Playa: IDEATE has compiled best practices and ideas for environmental sustainability for camps. Check it out!

Programming and Collaboration Events

Dedicated speakers and programs on the topic of how Burning Man sustainability relates to sustainability in the default world. Mixture of speaker series and collaborative experience/workshop.

IDEATE Camp Sustainability Plan

Develop an action plan for how IDEATE can operate as a more sustainable camp, this year and in the future. Identify and implement at least one zero or low cost approach that we can make in 2016 to make camp more sustainable. Identify and implement one sustainability project that we allocate budget to, in the realm of $3000. Energy, Transportation, Food, Habitat, Materials, Waste, Water, Etc. (etc, being an actual category for other:)

Call For Projects

Outreach to other camp leaders to identify innovative approaches to sustainability that they have implemented or are interested in implementing. Add this to the Sustainability Best Practices resource. One approach will be selected for the Trim Tab Innovation Award.

Post-playa Reporting

Featured blog post that will be placed on the forthcoming IDEATE website, and distributed broadly, that will provide a honest account of the sustainability program in 2016 including key takeaways, successes, challenges, and opportunities for improvement.