Radical Contribution

We embrace ‘Ecstatic Volunteerism’ and look to enhance every environment we’re in and leave it better than we found it in dedication to Leaving No Trace. IDEATE is a do-ocracy, whatever you want to create, DO IT! Through 100% participation we are building a system to run a streamlined camp which supports amazing projects. 

Radical Compassion

IDEATE is your home: your family, your place to charge up, integrate the experiences you’re having, feel supported and amazingly good. Our intention is to always allow Love and Respect to be our guiding principles in the way we treat each other. 

Radical Regeneration

At IDEATE we are cultivating best practices for resiliency – how we treat each other, how we leave things (better than we found them), and how food, waste, and water are handled. We see Burning Man as a testing ground for innovation that will change the world and it is our aim to design for RADICAL REGENERATION starting with our own behavior and our systems as a camp. 

Radical Collaboration

Working together on creative projects is one of the most exciting aspects of Burning Man. It’s also a great way to cultivate new life-long friendships. Part of IDEATE’s offering is the opportunity to cultivate relationships that manifest in continued off-playa magic around the planet. We ask ‘How can I help?’ ‘How can I get involved!’ We love to make shit happen! 

Giving Back // Paying it Forward

We engage with, learn from, and seek to inspire the greater Burning Man community and beyond, in service of galvanizing the entire planet to reach Buckminster Fuller’s noble goal of making “the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time, with spontaneous cooperation and without ecological damage or disadvantage of anyone.” We are humble learners. We are inclusive. We participate in regeneration of the renewable resource LOVE.