We’re a community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, creatives & humans coming together to leave things better than we found them.

Interested in joining our tribe for the 2019 Burn? We welcome you to apply here.


Our Story

Since 2012, a group of purpose-driven humans assembled on The Playa, bringing a vibrant, socially conscious vibe to Burning Man. Our tribe represents a systems-thinking and values-based mindset that looks at how we can make the world work for 100% of humanity.
 Guided by our values, we seek to explore how the principles of Burning Man can influence projects, businesses and initiatives in the Default World.

In partnership with Full Circle Compost, IDEATE's composting program began in 2015 as a camp commitment to support our longstanding dedication to sustainability and carbon reduction.


In 2019, we’ll be calling 5:45 & J home with Elev8 and Ancestral Heart. We hope you come join us!


We have an exciting and dynamic line up of events prepared for you this year on the Playa. From poetry pharmacy, sound healing, fireside chats, consent workshops, & more…

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